Networking & Email

Networking Solutions

Computer networking is used in homes and businesses to allow for communication between different computers. Networks allow computer users to share information such as programs, company documents, other software and hardware (printers, fax machines, copiers). This process of communication can be setup with either wired or wireless networks which can be secure and easy to use.

We specialize in local area networks (LAN),  which allows a group of computers to share and route files, data, and other information. We have technical experts who can help with the hardware of networking such as switches, bluetooth devices, printers, ethernet equipment, hubs, patches, panels, and computer cables. In order for the network operation to be successful, all of these items need to be installed correctly.

Email Configuration Solutions

Email can be as simple as a web based hotmail account or as complex as a shared email solution such as Microsoft Hosted Exchange. We can provide you a solution that will allow you to work with your email from any location, anywhere in the world. Access your email, calenders and tasks from your BlackBerry, Android or iPhone as well as your laptop, tablet or PC.

We also offer spam filtering, archiving and backup solutions for all of your email, calender and task activities.