Managed Services

Managed Services

As your business grows ever more reliant on IT, your network infrastructure needs to work optimally or you’ll lose your competitive edge. Many companies simply don’t have the time or resources to effectively support their IT network infrastructure, and they lack the in-house tools for monitoring network devices and proprietary technologies. What’s more, network support can be very costly, particularly when multiple and/or remote locations are involved.

With Kamloops Computer Centre as your Managed Services Provider (MSP), you’re guaranteed flexible, reliable and scalable operational support for today and wherever tomorrow takes your business

Worry Free Support

  • Based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) approach
  • Backed by a 24×7×365 Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Monitors and proactively manages your IT infrastructure including network devices, server and application performance, CPU utilization, available disk space, memory usage and event logs.

Kamloops Computer Centre efficient system administration and support means customers typically save 10-20% in Managed Services expenses. At no additional cost, we provide a Site Manager backed up by senior specialist resource as required to ensure your system is continually monitored for assured reliability. You also get an initial IT system assessment and an action plan for your IT environment included in the one-time installation fee.

With over 10 certified technicians available, we have the expertise you require. We would dedicate a primary technician to your account as well as a backup in case your dedicated technician is unavailable. If you have additional or emergency work required our response time is generally 2-4 hours to service any issues that may arise.

We can bill a flat rate monthly or bill hourly depending on your billing requirements.

If you prefer a flat month rate, we will review this rate annually to assure that you are only billed for hours performed on your agreement.

If you have additional products or services to add we can modify the agreement at any time.

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