Hosted Data and Applications

Hosted Data Sharing

Hosted Data Sharing for WebDAV, SharePoint and FTP

  • Microsoft SharePoint provides a web based front end that allows custom work flows, document management capabilities, shared calendaring and many other great features
  • Provides integration with Microsoft Outlook for offline use and review
  • Drive mapping ability to map document lists from Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 with a Drive Letter
  • Office 2010 - 2013 application integration for opening and saving documents directly to and from document lists
  • Office 2010 SharePoint Workspace allows synchronization of document lists for offline use. When internet connection is restored local cache is synchronized back with the SharePoint Server

Hosted Application Sharing

  • The Hosted Applications are delivered from a shared Citrix XenApp farm. Secured Segregation of customer’s data and applications are provided under a one time setup
  • If you have an application other than Quickbooks and Simply Accounting that you would like to host, please contact us for more details on setup costs. The technology we use allows us to securely segregate and publish almost any Windows application
  • Rental of non perpetual applications available via our Hosted Services

Data Centre Information

  • Located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Geographically and politically stable
  • Facility is fed by two independent power grids with a diesel generator backup available, including Industrial APC N+2 redundant UPS’s
  • High efficiency Heat Pumps for cooling with geothermal loop, N+1 redundant modules
  • Security access is a four factor requirement with video security
  • Escorted access only
  • All employees subject to security and RCMP check
  • Internet is fed by both Bell and Shaw at 1000Gbps each
  • Redundant core routers
  • Hot and cold spares of all core equipment